my5starz Messaging & Review Platform

Customer and lead engagement software with MyBlindCo integration, review and referral requests, complete messaging inbox, and so much more!

Bring your existing customers & leads from the MyBlindCo app into your my5starz account! Click on a contact in MyBlindCo & automatically be taken to the my5starz inbox, where you can text, email, send review and referral requests, and utilize lead management features. By integrating our two platforms, you’ll save time, effort, and money!

Enjoy unlimited users! Invite your entire team to use my5starz.

Combine all of your messaging platforms into one: View Facebook, Instagram, Google, text, email, and web-chat messages, all in one inbox! Start a video-chat or use the inbox to text and/or email review, survey, and referral requests. Keep every member of your team up-to-date on client & customer communications by sending internal notes to other users on your team.

Easily design and launch text and/or email campaigns from our simple-to-use platform. Create templates and automate review, referral, and survey requests. View detailed reports on your campaigns’ success.

What happens to your business when you use my5starz?

Watch your business climb the results in the Google Map Pack. Why does it matter? Out of all of Google’s local search engine results, your business’s placement in the Google Map pack is most important. Consumers are more likely to choose businesses at the top of this list.


Choose from the array of incredible add-ons below and customize your my5starz experience to better suit your business’s needs. 


Put your business on the map.

Create, update, and manage online business listings across the internet. Improve SEO & Google search rankings.


Easily send and track referral requests.

Automatically text or email referral requests. Create triggers to send requests after payment or review.


Capture real-time customer feedback.

Create & send simple, scalable surveys via email, or use text to boost open rates! Use AI to analyze responses.


Turn feedback into actionable insights.

Track, analyze, and optimize your performance with custom-built reports that improve your business.


Message with your website visitors.

Live chat, auto-respond to questions, & capture contact information to follow up. Craft FAQ response templates.


Fix issues immediately.

Use automatic ticketing across reviews, social, mentions, and survey responses to track issues & quickly resolve them.


Schedule posts across social media.

Bulk publishing, brand monitoring, and reporting — all from a single dashboard. Explore templates of images & layouts.


View competitors’ customer feedback.

Use your competitions’ customer feedback in reviews to your advantage. Uncover review themes & keywords.

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Engagement Platform Add-Ons

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