Digital Marketing Services

Discover the digital marketing software and online marketing services your window treatment retail business needs to be found, drive leads, and convert them into happy customers.

Engagement Software

Customer and lead engagement software with MyBlindCo integration, review and referral requests, complete messaging inbox, and more!

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The only quantifiable and verifiable software for SEO. Use the latest advancements in technology to optimize your placement in the Google Map Pack.

Search Engine Optimization

Our skilled team of SEO professionals performs keyword maintenance & enhancement. Receive a detailed insights report each month. 

Social Media

Three pieces of customized Facebook and Instagram content posted to your accounts each month. Receive a monthly insights report.

Web Development

A brand new, customized website built to fit your business’s aesthetic, enhance search engine optimization, and attract leads.

Google Ads

Our experts craft Google Ads every quarter – optimized with audience/location targeting – then test and change your ads as needed.  

my5starz Engagement Platform

Bring your existing customers & leads from the MyBlindCo app into your my5starz account! Click on a contact in MyBlindCo & automatically be taken to the my5starz inbox, where you can text, email, send review and referral requests, and utilize lead management features. By integrating our two platforms, you’ll save time, effort, and money!


Enjoy unlimited users! Invite your entire team to use my5starz.


Combine all of your messaging platforms into one: View Facebook, Instagram, Google, text, email, and web-chat messages, all in one inbox! Start a video-chat or use the inbox to text and/or email review, survey, and referral requests. Keep every member of your team up-to-date on client & customer communications by sending internal notes to other users on your team.


Easily design and launch text and/or email campaigns from our simple-to-use platform. Create templates and automate review, referral, and survey requests. View detailed reports on your campaigns’ success.

enhance your experience

Choose from an array of incredible add-ons and customize your my5starz experience to better suit your business’s needs. Choose from add-ons like:

  • Listings
  • Referrals
  • Webchat
  • And so many more!
What happens to your business when you use my5starz?

Watch your business climb the ranks in the Google Map Pack. Why does it matter? Out of all of Google’s local search results, your business’s placement in the Google Map Pack is most important. Consumers are more likely to choose businesses at the top of this list.

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Use the latest advancements in technology to optimize your placement in the Google Map Pack and improve your local SEO. It’s as easy as snapping a picture. Check out the video to see how it works!


Pin Drop is the only quantifiable and verifiable software for SEO. Watch your business’s SEO improve every month with real-time results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Boost your online presence and organic search optimization with our comprehensive SEO services. Our digital marketing & SEO team manages keywords, optimizes website health, and refines your website’s user-experience to draw in more leads and convert them into customers! For increased visibility, we assist with backlink generation and content guidance. Stay ahead of the competition and unlock your website’s true potential with our SEO services tailored for small businesses.

Google Ads management

Maximize your window treatment business’s internet advertising ROI with my5starz Google Ad Management services. We customize and run one ad – specially built for your business – each quarter, ensuring optimal performance and relevancy. Target your audience with precision and drive results.

Our expert team also provides specialty Google Ad curation at just $100 per hour. 

Social Media Management

Content Creation and Scheduling – Built Specifically for Window Treatment Businesses

Enjoy 3 pieces of Facebook & Instagram social media content created and posted directly to your platforms every week by our social media managers.

With over three decades of window treatment industry experience, we have developed a comprehensive social media content plan that perfectly suits the needs of busy window treatment retailers.

By taking care of content creation and scheduling on your behalf, we enable you to build your brand and establish a strong online presence effortlessly. Leave all the work to us, and enjoy the benefits without lifting a finger. 

Web Development

A beautiful, customized and optimized website built to fit your business’s needs.

The my5starz Web Development package includes a brand new, customized website built to fit your business aesthetic, enhance search engine optimization, and attract leads! 

The website layout includes Home, About, Contact, Blog, and Product pages with subpages for each of the products you sell. Each website is built with carefully-chosen industry keywords and formatted to enhance SEO. If you have an existing website and are looking to have your SEO maintained on a monthly basis, check out our SEO package!

Take your window treatment business to the next level.

Our pricing list

my5starz Engagement Platform

$ 250
per month
  • MyBlindCo Integration
  • Unlimited Users
  • Comprehensive Inbox
  • Campaigns
  • Add-Ons

© Pin Drop

$ 500
per month
  • Quantifiable & Verifiable
  • Geolocation Photography
  • Move Up The Google Map Pack
  • MyBlindCo Integration
  • As Easy As Snapping A Picture

Search Engine Optimization

$ 375
per month
  • Be Found On Google Organic Listings
  • Keyword Management
  • Optimized Website Health
  • Refined User-Experience & Readability
  • Backlink Generation & Guidance

Social Media

$ 350
per month
  • Customized Social Media Content
  • Created & Scheduled on Your Behalf
  • 3 Pieces of Content Each Week
  • Build Your Brand
  • Establish an Online Presence

Google Ads Management

$ 250
per month
  • Fresh Ads Every Quarter
  • Audience / Location Targeting
  • Monitored with Ad Testing & Changes
  • Specialty Ads for Additional $100/hr.
  • Bring In New Leads with No Work!

Web Development

Inquire for pricing
  • Brand New, Customized Website
  • Built To Fit Your Business’s Aesthetic
  • Enhance SEO & Attract Leads
  • 18+ Pages
  • Loaded With Keywords


$ 400
per month
  • 2 Blogs Each Week
  • Written & Posted To Your Website
  • Keyword-Researched Topics
  • 2 Images Per Post
  • SEO Optimized
  • Backlinks & Internal Links

Keyword-Researched Blog Prompts

$ 100
per month
  • 2 Prompts Emailed To You Weekly
  • Keyword-Researched
  • Instructions On How To Write
  • Instructions On How To Optimize
  • You Post To Your Website’s Blog
  • Increase Leads & Website SEO

Full Digital Marketing Package

$ 1,725 $ 1,500
per month
  • my5starz Engagement Platform
  • © Pin Drop
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Google Ads Management
  • Combine All Four Packages, and SAVE!