Pin Drop

Unlock local visibility and boost your Google Map Pack rankings with Pin Drop!

Pin Drop is a revolutionary service designed to enhance local SEO for small, service-based businesses. Unlike traditional approaches to local SEO which focus on the physical location of a store, Pin Drop recognizes the unique needs of service-oriented enterprises operating across a wide geographic area. By optimizing your SEO in all of the locations where you provide your services, Pin Drop ensures greater visibility in local searches and “near me” queries.

Pin Drop Uses The Power of The Google Map Pack

What is the Google Map Pack? The GMP appears at the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERP) for local searches. The pack includes three business listings that best match what the searcher is looking for based on relevance, distance, and prominence.The GMP is crucial for small businesses as it boosts visibility in local search results, attracting nearby customers. It enhances trust, drives foot traffic, and significantly increases online and offline conversions, providing a competitive edge in the market.

With traditional SEO, understanding how well you’re doing and where you can improve can be tough. It involves complex numbers and data that aren’t always easy to grasp.

Unlike traditional SEO, Pin Drop makes it a breeze to see how you’re doing, with a heat map acting as your color-coded cheat sheet. The lower the numbers (and greener the dots), the better your business appears on the Google Map Pack.

Before & After

See how this business’s local SEO improved after just 7 months of using Pin Drop! From nearly all red dots and ranking 20+ on the Google Map Pack, to primarily green dots and ranking 1 on the Google Map Pack!

How Does It Work?

The process is simple, yet effective. After completing a job, capture a photo of your work. Your phone captures a geolocation tag within the image based on where the photo was taken. You upload this photo to Pin Drop within the MyBlindCo app, and the image is uploaded to your Google Business Profile, signaling to search engines that services were performed by your business in that area. 

As a result, Pin Drop strategically boosts your business’s presence on the Google Map Pack for searches originating from that location, ultimately increasing the likelihood of being discovered by potential customers in need of your services. Pin Drop empowers service-based businesses to expand their online reach and thrive in a competitive digital landscape. 

Step 1

Turn your device’s location tracking on.

Step 2

Snap a photo of your completed work.

Step 3

Upload your photo into the MyBlindCo software.